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  Fish Taxidermy
The Item is Temporarily out of Stock!
Blue Marlin Fish Replica 8 Feet OAL
8 foot blue marlin fish replica Makira Nigricans the most sought after of the billfish family
Makaira nigricans : Undoubtedly the most respected, most sought-after fish in the world is the blue marlin. Boasting a fantastic body shape and electrifying coloration, this replica was modeled after a 10-footer that was caught and released offshore Port Canaveral, Florida. It would make the perfect centerpiece for any setting. This is a fiberglass replica of an incredible Blue Marlin caught in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands measuring 96" in length. This beautiful, nautical sculpture looks wonderful in any setting and will be the topic of many discussions. This replica will not peel, fade, or crack and is designed for indoors, outdoors or dockside. Shipping is not included in this as location will affect the cost of shipping and handling. Description: Colors are cobalt blue on top shading to silvery white on bottom. Coloration varies a great deal. Upper jaw is elongated in the form of a spear. The dorsal fin is pointed at front end along with pointed pectoral fin and anal fin. Lateral line reticulated (interwoven like a net) are difficult to see larger specimens. Body is covered with imbedded scales ending in one or two sharp points. Size: Largest of the Atlantic marlins. Common are 150 pounds to 500, although they are not rare over 500 pounds. The world record is 1402 pound and Florida record stands at 980 pounds. Where found: An offshore deep blue water fish. Swims freely in deep water looking for small tuna and other pelagic baitfish. Remarks: All of the trophy size are females; males do not exceed 300 pounds. Makes trans-Atlantic migrations. Spawning procedures are unknown. Feeds on squid and pelagic fishes, including small tuna and frigate Mackerel. Fishing: The most common fishing methods is trolling. The three categories is artificial lures, live baits such as school size Dolphin or Bonita Yellowfin tuna, and rigged natural baits like Mullet, Mackerel, Bonita or pelagic baitfish. Returned items will be subject to a restocking fee and shipping is not refundable. Should you receive damaged goods, immediately contact the shipping agency that delivered to you.

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