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20/0 Stainless Steel Pier or Bridge Gaff

20/0 Stainless Steel Pier or Bridge Gaff
Stainless Steel 7731 size 20/0 Treble Hook Pier or Bridge Gaff Alligator Hook.

PRICE: $44.00

God Bless The Troops
We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm. - George Orwell
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Did you know that
About 60% of US Anglers practice catch and release.
Women make up about 33% of fresh water anglers and
about 85% of fresh water anglers begin fishing at 12 years old.


fishing store

34007 Stainless Steel Fish hooks
34007 Stainless steel O'Shaugnessy hooks (Not Mustad)

PRICE: $0.20

Swordfish Replica Fish Mount Xiphias gladius

Swordfish Replica Fish Mount Xiphias gladius
Swordfish fiberglass 1/2 mount 55 inch Xiphias gladius most mysterious of all gamefish

PRICE: $265.00

Mustad 7731 Sea Demon  Big Game Hooks

Mustad 7731 Sea Demon Big Game Hooks
Mustad Sea Demon carbon steel big game fishing hooks

PRICE: $1.80

fishing wanted
 Mar 3, 2005; 10:33PM
 Category:  Boats For Sale
 Name for Contacts:  David Kingery
 City:  Melbourne
 State:  Florida
 Country:  US
 Description:  2002 29' Wellcraft Scarab
Twin 250 Evinrude motors, Furuno Navnet 4KW radar, chart plotter, sounder, GPS, and triple axle Performance trailer w/ disc brakes. Well maintained and kept inside. READY TO FISH!
Financing Available
Call Dave @ 321-288-3429

fishing photo contest
w i n n e rw i n n e r
March 2004 best fishing photo
$50 free fishing tackle for the photo with the most votes. Contest open to all anglers 8 contestants minimum to start the contest. Sponsored by Emperor Tackle
Robyn Harrin... 4lbs Rainbow Trout
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Robyn Harrington, 25
The biggest fish of the day. Caught while waiting for the guys to ...
57 vote(s)

fishing tips and tricks
 Apr 29, 2002; 07:14PM - Lake Cachuma Bass and Trout trolling techniques
 Category:  California Freshwater Lakes
 Author Name:  webmaster
 Author E-mail:  me
Click here to enlarge Tip&Trick Description 1: My first time fishing Lake Cachuma was this last weekend April 27th 2002 and I will let you in on a secret this is a fine lake with great staff excellent fishing and abundant campsites. I was very impressed with the guys at the marina ( Jim and Allen) for giving us great tips for fishing their lake without holding back any information necessary for a first timer to their lake. Right out of the marina he told me to troll straight thru the center of the lake and we would be sure to get bit and he was right. Less than 10 minutes from the launch ramp right where he suggested we caught the first fish a nice largemouth bass about 3-4 lbs and lost the first hook up as we were surprised to get a strike so soon. This fish jumped clear out of the water and fought like a much larger fish than it actually ended up being.
Click here to enlarge Tip&Trick Description 2: We released the bass and continued anxious to get to the trout which is what we were after. On the way to the next spot Jim and Allen had given us directions to we saw 4 deer on the shore grazing like they owned the place (which I guess they did) We set our sites on the points jetting out along the far side of the lake about 200 feet offshore. Instantly off one of the points both the reels went off as we were trolling rainbow trout colored Yo-zuri Emperor Minnows and L-Jack series lures on 4 and 6 lb test at a fairly slow troll. First fish fell off but I managed to get mine to the boat and into it for supper that evening. We did a turn around and went right back over the same spot and sure enough another missed opportunity. Back we went again with another 2 strikes managing to get one in the boat for a better meal for the 3 of us eating that night. Back and forth again for nothing and we decided to give the opposite bank a try.
Click here to enlarge Tip&Trick Description 3: On the other side of the lake were the serious bass guy's fishing the bow of their sleek boats with the chairs and trolling motor on the bow. We steered clear of them and moved again about 200 feet off the shoreline and continued our trolling pattern slow and parallel to shore. We started noticing the wind more and more as we headed back towards the launch ramp noticing there was only one jacket made it to the boat and it was mine! We again managed to get another rainbow to strike right out of the water it jumped and then a small battle and into the boat it came. We were done now 1 fish each for dinner and one released bass in about 2 hours fishing time. Now it was back to camp to make dinner and get warm. A jacket is a good thing to bring on any lake as the wind always decides to blow in the afternoon. I must tell you that the guy's at the marina tackle shop know their stuff about where the fish are biting and what they are biting on. Without their tips we may have come home empty handed as several others had that day. Good luck if you get a chance to fish Lake Cachuma and be sure to say hello the the great guys at the tackle shop near the launch ramp it may pay off big time for you in the long run.....Fish on! <'))))><

fishing boats and accessories
 Apr 25, 2002; 09:18AM - 14 ft. dorsett 25 h.p. yamaha
 Category:  Boats
 Price:  $ 1900.00
 Name for Contacts:  Bill Merrell
 Phone:  949 6461214
 City:  costa mesa
 State:  calif.
 Country:  orange
Description 1: 1958 dorsett new paint,windshield,bait tank rodholders bilge pump and running lights..

fishing reports
 Feb 14, 2003; 01:38AM - Venice, LOUISIANA Offshore report
 Category:  Louisiana
 Author Name:  Capt. Scott Avanzino
 Author E-mail:
Click here to enlarge Report Description: Thursday was the perfect day...forecast correct and everyone caught fish...
Had my good friends Jean and Barclay Laborde, John and Guy Halberg in from TX and Metairie. After the final stop to the trawl boats for the week, we made it home to the Lump with a borrowed anchor from non other than Bill Butler at VMI-Many thanks to him and Capt. Mike Frenette for helping out last 2 days with the hook.
On to mako today thank God, but plenty of stupid and hungry on a mean blackfin bite to the point of release....light tackle and no more line on the flyreel... Had to use slabs for bait to get it to the yellowfin which were likewise plentiful, visible and always ready for the occasional jog around the boat..I think I did 6 full laps today with 5 different fish.
Ended up with 4 yellows and kept 8 blackfin after getting down the hookset without the birdsnest...just have to say that Barclay was a reel spaz at first (That final shot is for you Guy). We had fun with the good natured ribbing while Fishing all day and I look forward to their return. Jean is Barclay's best girl of 4 years and she is as fine a fisherman is she is to look at...a big hit with the trawl boat crowd too...we could have got another 100 pounds if she only would get into the spirit of Mardi Gras...she likes to get dirty and wail on bonita with 'the quiver giver' bats by Capt. Terry Brousseau
Yet another fine day in te deep blue...started off at the Lump to find tht some kind person had cut our anchorline with a clean swift stroke of a knife....thanks alot fellow sportsman...
Made 3 drifts picking up 8 blackfin, then we tried drifting the outside and never saw another fish for 2 hours...then the sun shined on us we picked up a small yellow and then a monster we chased 4 miles off the Lump going through everyone on the boat in 1:45...I took a turn and wimped out after 15 minutes and handed off the he neared the boat he started acting funny, though I could see he was at least 160+ and circlng just out of gaff range...Then out of no where he made a bursting run of 50 yards toward the bow with a 9 ft Mako in hot pursuit...before I could even react...he ran out of gas and made a 180 degree turn, tearing across the the surface where he crashed into the boat, dug in and then hung in the running gear...what happened next was stright out of Jaws...we could see anything but it soundeY like a bomb went off under the boat and all we could see was red...after the commotion and thumping stopped the Mako proceeeded to circle the boat doing 4 complete laps before we could fling a bait to him...we quickly dogged down the flying gaff and with a butterflied bonita on 40# leader we readied for the free gaff. What happened next completely surprised me. He teased him right ff the transom and I sank the gaff deep into his back quarter and pulled him along side he boat where he patiently waited for us to sink anothe two deep into the gills and the other into the tail..once he was on the tail rope we were able to gutt him and pull him in the boat where we dogged him down to the hause pipes...After te brief celebration and clean-up we decided to go home...about 20 minutes later we made it back to the Lump fortunately with no vibration, but the shark came back to life briefly...shaking violently while scattering the raining visceral organs liver, heart and fluid all over the entire boat...bad day for a washdown pump to sieze..he measured 104' TL/94'FL with a gutted girth of 44 inches...284 ponds on the Venie Marina Tournament scale...saved a peice of the spine and gallon of liver for Jason the shark man....We manged to catch the entire event on digital video...Aside from the elated cursing...we looked pretty calm and collected...
Wednesday was interesting with 67 boats in 1 sq mile...
It was a light tackle day for us not by choice but by shear attrition...we could only get strikes with 30 pound test...Lost alot of big fish but saved the day with 18 blackfin, 1 grouper, 3 aj and 20 beeliner, silks and hogs...Never did see any big fish in the slick today when all we saw were yellows yesterday..sounded like other boats had more success with bigguns..but whose complaining with 20-30 pound fish matched to light tackle...
Had Jim Striztenger and friends from Houston Saturday for 2 tuna and 2 jackss.Herb's fish took 1st placre at 75 pounds...Next day I had Vince Pisciotta and Danny Blackburn of Brian Harris GMC for an interesting day of diamond jigging...Ouch my neck and back are sore from watching...funnt thing is there wsn't any need to pump the jigs...just reel in the jerky 5-6 footers..noting that the jacks are as far out as 1/4 mile and 150 feet down at 143, 152 and 93 lately...blackfins mixed in...Is it a breeding ritual for the jacks?
Monday...finally a calm day if only the afternoon.
Left for the rocks today with Daniel Thomas and friends from Kentwood...planned to fish the redfish release tour but went to the Lump instead...what 25 knot winds? Not withstanding the previous adventures from this week...the weather was the exact opposite in the right direction of the predicted and a trip that was to be cancelled turned out 5 hookups on big boys...first double resulted in 3 laps around the boat, two underhand rudder dodges anH a breakoff at the gaff in both instances...nobody's fault when slashing tails hang on lines with no leader. Next double resulted in the same circus but one tail wrapped fish made it to the gaff in 15 minutes with the second fish's line hooked into the sickle fin...after a quick untangle it too came to gaff shortly thereafter another single with much less effort made the trip and we quickly headed in. The 15 minute fish with angler Neal 'chummy' Warren weighed 183 pounds and the otheres were 130 and 100 apeice...Tried trolling for wahoo on the rip today with no luck...before it got to the Lump in the morning and after it passed by at 3PM...
Also hung the anchor today so we attached a glow stick to the ball and pray that it will be there tomorrow without a flatboat attached to it.
As for the Venice I/O Winter Invitational...great tourney and thanks to the late entry polIcy 3 boat anglers walked the boars with 1,2 and 3 for both tuna and jacks...Congrats to Herb Green, Danny Blackburn and Vince Pisciotta for sweeping the board in the 2 day knee year they are going to have an alternate weekend for those without coaming pads...
Two bum days and then a great day today..thanks to Pastor Brad Watson's prayers..and the Lord's grace and good will He delivered!...I am not surprised!
Til next week when the wind lays again...Bye bye from Capt. Scott, Sonny and team Paradise Outfitters - 504-451-7579

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